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Friday, July 29, 2016

Complete Guide How to Play Pokemon Go

We will provide Complete Guide to Play Pokemon Go.Because this game is very exciting to play ita and also quite complicated and the most famous in the world today .Currently, anyone would agree if I call Pokémon GO as one of the most phenomenal AR game lively discussion among mobile gamers in different corners of the globe. Indonesia itself did not want to miss to participate enliven fever this one game.

Although not yet officially circulated in Indonesia, but thousands of gamers in the country as not to lose any sense to be able to continue to play Pokémon GO.

As already was mentioned in the article preview GO Pokémon games, games made in Niantic Labs does have shortcomings in terms of game mechanics so that sufficient explanation left many questions for the new players.

With the aim of helping many players Pokémon GO out there, pass the following section we present a comprehensive guide for Pokémon trainer Indonesia, the following tips and tricks so that you all could be one of the greatest trainers in a short time. So are you ready to complete your Pokedex and become the ruler Gym in your city.

Once you finish creating your avatar, the game will immediately invites players to capture their first monster through a mini game Pokeball throwing a ball that reminds me of the game Can Knockdown . Although initially impressed easily , but Niantic does not provide detailed information about the indicator circle that appears when you 're throwing pokeball .

The circle indicator is basically a determinant of your success in addition to the direction of the sweep of a finger when throwing pokeball . If you hold your finger on the screen long enough , the indicator will shrink and swell back up the pokeball you throw it toward the monster . The smaller the indicators are , the greater your chance to catch it ( as long as it throws right about it lo ya ) .

If your thrown misses , you can try to collect back Pokeball fallen by tapping on the pokeball before finally missing .

One more thing, when you throw a Pokeball you can also do the trick throws curve (Curve Ball) by slightly twisting the ball until the special animation on the screen. The trick to getting additional experience is how to throw a Pokeball pretty hard to do, so make sure you have a lot of stock in order to further Pokeball Pokémon hunting after showing off this trick in front of your friends.
Tip: AR features are just a gimmick you need to turn off

Your battery for power efficiency when playing Pokémon GO, I recommend you to turn off the camera AR for its own function more impressed gimmick and sometimes troublesome players.

Using the AR itself requires you to set the location of the smartphone is good and right in order lemparanmu really about the Pokémon. Bottom line if you want the experience of playing a longer, turn off the AR function is available in the menu settings or at the top right of the screen when starting the process of catching Pokémon.

Capturing Pokémon at a higher level

Capturing Pokemon | screenshot

Pokeball throwing action itself over the game will become more challenging. This you can see from the level of the player character and the high value of CP (Combat Points) shown at the top Pokémon. If the trial toss too long and too often missed, the Pokémon will leave and you will lose the chance to get the monster.

In addition to throwing duration, at a higher level, you are also required to use a certain type of Pokeball and special items (such as berry) to tame the monster with CP models also scale better.

This game throws indicator system was also slightly overhauled with a color pattern that shows the level of difficulty of the process of capturing Pokémon. The green indicator means you face a monster that is relatively easy to catch. Yellow means the monster is strong and able to escape the pokeball you, and the last red which means you should be prepared to risk losing your best pokeball.

Trick: catch Pikachu at the beginning of the game

Pikachu Secret | screenshot

Want to have a Pikachu as your first monster? Do not worry because Niantic Labs secretly bring this yellow creature as an easter egg that you can open yourself early in the game

Suppose you do not like the three Starter Pokémon you meet at the beginning of Pokémon GO, you can see a figure moving Pikachu with approximately 100 to 200 meters from their original locations you start the game.

Pikachu itself is a monster that is attractive because electric type Pokémon is something you rarely encounter in the early part of Pokémon GO. Unfortunately, to be able to get another Pikachu is a rare effort for some people, so it matters whether you will be faithful to use Pikachu for duel purposes or not, it all depends on the collection of the strongest monsters you later.
Tip: do not hesitate to "sell" Pokémon that you do not use

The purpose of playing Pokémon is a complete list of your Pokédex with all sorts of monsters that exist around the world. Given the number of bags to accommodate limited Pokémon you, then I suggest you not hesitate to "sell" monster with the lowest CP figures.

You can do this by clicking the transfer button at the bottom of the profile of the monster. By this you can get the item Candy which serves to increase the level of monster similar in the future.

Pokémon GO technology combines GPS Geo-Tagging as a medium to randomize the location of the monsters that players are motivated to get out and explore the surrounding area.

During the tour, you'll get a notification on your mobile phone vibrate indicating that wild Pokémon around them. After that, you can press the screen to begin the process of capturing Pokémon monsters as described earlier.

Pokemon Go Plus | Photo

Unfortunately this game does not provide notification function screen off screen so inevitably you have to always be active smartphone screen turning on this application to monitor the progress of monsters around.

It became one of the shortcomings of Pokémon GO you need to be solved with the use of power bank or other mobile device charger. If you happen once you had more money, you can use Pokémon bracelet GO Plus that until now only available in some countries.
Trick: download Google Maps to save battery!

One trick to reduce the power consumption of the battery of this game is to utilize the facility offline maps Google Maps. Just like Ingress, Niantic utilizing the Google Maps API support as a map in the game Pokémon GO, so you can help this game system that does not continuously process map of your location by:

    Download and open the Google Maps
    Go to the settings menu
    Select features Offline Maps and locate the map you wish to download
    Done! And the device's battery you can be more efficient

Building types in the Pokémon world GO

Pokemon GO Building Icon | screenshot

In this game the environment around the arena transformed into a monster hunt very spacious and well equipped with two types of buildings such as Pokémon Gym fighting arena as well as the location of the checkpoint player named PokéStop . PokéStop located in important places such as museums , monuments , or places of worship around your town so you have to go outside the house to find it.

Every time you stop at PokéStop , you can get a variety of interesting items such as potions , pokeball , berry , and others by turning indicators PokéStop every five minutes .

PokéStop itself could be transformed into a monster hunting location by utilizing Module Lure item sold in the store Pokémon GO . By activating the item , you and other players around the site will be visited by a variety PokéStop Pokémon for half an hour and you can catch these monsters without touring around the city .

PokéStop addition , you will also find Pokémon Gym. This place is a sort of outpost for the players to pit their Pokémon monsters and take over the Gym to get money Pokécoins .

The gym could be improved by frequent battles between the teams ( Train ) in order to gain experience or beat the other team is trying to take over your gym .

The gym had the option of maintaining run automatically and you can not do anything but leave your strongest Pokémon to be defeated by the opposing team . The more powerful Pokémon of teammates who guarded it, the more difficult the efforts of the opposing team to take over the Gym .

Nearby Pokémon is one of the features of Pokémon GO that works less elaborated in detail by Niantic . Until this moment there are a lot of theories that explain the workings of the feature Nearby Pokémon but for me there is no single explanation that truly functions as per my expectations in the field.

Pokemon Theory | screenshot

I personally think Nearby Pokémon as an indicator of " random " to see what the monster is currently located close to the player .

If you see any shadows or images of Pokémon by drawing footprints only one that means the Pokémon is close enough, we just do not know in which direction they were before .

Hopefully someday when the game is released globally , Niantic provide a more detailed explanation about the features Nearby Pokémon.

Pokémon pass GO, Niantic left turn-based combat action RPG style of the classic Pokémon game series, and replace them with one-on-one duel action that runs in real time for the attackers. Unfortunately at this time you need to visit the location nearest Pokémon Gym in order to perform duel and you also need to make sure your internet network is strong enough to avoid unwanted bugs.

GO Pokemon Skill | screenshot

Throughout the duel you can launch two types of attacks Pokémon yours in two ways: with regular tap to perform the first attack and hold your finger on the screen (hold) in order to carry out the second attack.

The second attack is a special ability that requires the duration of holding the screen up one row at the bottom of your life bar is full. You do not have to fill hold your finger on the screen until all the rows of the bar was full, pretty one.

GO Pokémon in battle you can also move the monster by way of swiping your finger to the left and to the right. With this you can find loopholes to attack or evade enemy special attacks are characterized by a special animation on the screen.

CP or Combat Points are accumulated from Pokémon monsters attributes you have. This figure represents the overall statistics Your monsters and generally used as a benchmark player about how strong the level Pokémon that they have or that they face.

CP itself needs to improve scores Stardust and Candy specific Pokémon of one type of monsters . How high is the monster CP figure could rise Trainer determined by the level of players .

Although the numbers CP big monster , but do not make it as a guarantee you'll win a fight because of the type of Pokémon ( as well as internet connection hehehe ... ) also influence the outcome of the fight .

Certainly not the game Pokémon name if you are not faced with the complexities of arranging elements of the monsters that you fight, because each has strengths and weaknesses against certain types of Pokémon . For example in a gym there are monsters Pinsir which is a kind of Bug Pokémon . Such monsters are weak against fire type Pokémon and also stone , so to beat him you need to wear a monster of that type.

As an attacker , you have the opportunity big enough to dominate the fight duel monsters in Pokémon GO . Since the opponent is controlled automatically by a computer , you are more free to your strategy in fighting one of them with techniques of evasion of one or two steps and then attack.

Keep in mind also that this trick can not always make you win the battle . Sometimes the factor speed mobile Internet is also a small obstacle that makes it hard to avoid enemy attacks in the early part of the fight . The point is do not give up . If you 've been itching to win , doing a tap on the screen blindly could be your last option to win the fight .